Sunday, February 9, 2020

February 8

Saturday:  So TODAY was Brendan's birthday party, and ALL of his school buddies and church friends were invited to come over and celebrate!
 Wee Erin Lucia was all charged up for the event. Isn't she the cutest little panda bear you have ever seen?
 Aidan got up from his nap before the party began and had some cuddle time with Dylan. I love this picture of them!
 Erin, ever the camera-girl, sat on my lap while I snapped endless pictures of her and then showed them to her. She was really too up close to get a decent picture, but she was pleased about the entire thing anyway.

 Below: THIS is the look a person gets leveled at them when Miss Erin is either skeptical about what is going on, or if she is completely taken back by a person's behavior.
 She is a little cutie ... my oh my ... those BLUE eyes!
 Aidan finally woke up. I can't even put into words how much I enjoy this child ... 
 He is a constant jokester ... always a barrell of laughs ...

 I brought Kaity with me to the party. She really loves to get together with her cousins. Erin was pretty much in love with Kaity's doll (baby Lily) ...

 Kaity shared Lily a little bit, but she is a very cautious little mother ...

 Erin's scrunchy-faced smile ... she is actually saying "cheese" and drawing the word out super L-O-N-G.
 And here is our BIRTHDAY BOY! Finally! 
 Hi there, Kelly! Kelly did an amazing job putting the party together. She is thoughtful, kind, considerate of her little ones ... she's pretty special.
 Here is Brendan opening up the blue and red Hot Wheels truck and car that Kaity picked out for him.
 He clearly likes it ... AIDAN loves trucks and took it over almost immediately.

 Brendan received many nice gifts from his friends. This Discovery set is super nice. Brendan was very excited about making the volcano.
 Here is Brendan's cool cake (Harry Potter, naturally). Kelly got it from Cosco, and it was delicious. I had TWO bites, due to my stomach still not being back to normal.
 I snapped a picture of Kaity in front of the Hogwarts wall mural that Kelly put up in the dining area. I love Kaity's face in this picture.
 We sang a rousing "Happy Birthday" and all gathered around to watch Brendan blow out his EIGHT candles.

 After we finished eating, Brendan showed Kaity all of his gifts.

 The little kids did really well during the party. There was quite a houseful of people, with children running here and there ... but everyone had such a fun time.
 Above: Well, Erin--if that's how you want to get out of your chair, be my guest (head first?!?!) ...
Cutie pie!

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