Saturday, February 8, 2020

February 6

Thursday:  Kaity and I had our usual Thursday afternoon/evening around here. Kaity seemed a bit restless--she's been like that the last few times she has been over. We played with Matey for awhile and a few toys and then I decided to show her "Scribbles & Ink" from PBS kids, just to see if maybe she could like it enough to do on her tablet at home.
 I like the interaction of this little game, and it's perfect for kids who like to create things. Kaity had fun with it, but not like I had hoped she would--don't get me wrong, I would rather ANY child in the world play outside, even if it was just with rocks and sticks (!!) rather than use technology ... but this is the world we live in, and it is definitely the world Kaity lives in.
 These are costumes we made for our characters from the boxes they had started with in the drawing. I attempted to make an orange-haired clown, and Kaity made a cool robot out of her box for Ink to wear. But it wasn't very long that we moved on to other stuff, because Kaity doesn't like to sit for very long (that's not bad--I'm not criticizing).
 We played a lot more with Matey. Kaity is pretty relentless with our little feathered friend and chases him all over my place until she has him in her grasp. He was rather elusive today. I tried to tell Kaity that Matey doesn't really like to be pursued, but Kaity's ears were not functioning quite at their best today.
 Kaity found this party blower in one of my drawers in the playroom and was pleased about it. Kaity is always interested in finding "new" stuff to do around my little place. Sometimes there just isn't any "new" stuff here! 

 Hey there, Matey! What on earth are you doing crammed into that little space above my bedroom mirror? Silly budgie! 
Aren't his colors beautiful though?

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