Tuesday, February 4, 2020

February 3B

Brendan's birthday, #8, was the TRUE main event of the afternoon -- because he was at school and I had brought a few small gifts over for him to open up once he got home. Kaity made him a beautiful card while she was at my house last Thursday, so I handed him her card to open first.
 Kaity had put a LOT of pretty stickers on the envelope and Brendan was pretty determined to take the sparkly heart off and examine it ... that took awhile. Meanwhile, the little kiddos gathered around the presents in anticipation ...

 They waited SO patiently ... these kids are extremely patient people ...
 Brendan opened Kaity's card (finally) and found the happy balloon tucked inside ...

 And then FINALLY, he moved on to the presents.
 Brendan had seen this LEGO lights classic set in the LEGO catalog that I have in my car. He eyeballed that set for a few weeks and told me that he wished to have it for his birthday.
 So, naturally, I ordered it! It wasn't a surprise, but Brendan was still pleased.
 Aidan was totally into it and wanted us to build LEGOS right away.
 I love this picture of you, Brendan ... you are the nicest person ... I love your heart so much.
 Brendan is having a birthday PARTY this Saturday ... details are still being made regarding that. 
Baby Erin checked out the unopened LEGO box for quite awhile. Love her.

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