Tuesday, February 25, 2020

February 24

Monday: So ... the littles were here again ... and I think I finally have "the hang" of having both of them here at once. It's pathetic of me, I know, but I LOVE having one-on-one time with little ones--and Aidan has been such a fun little person to spend time with. Having Erin here too, does change that dynamic rather drastically ... but it's worth it. SHE is worth it. 
 Look at our precious Aidan. He has a SHINER! Dylan said he kind of fell between the porta-crib and the wall and was "stuck" and his face bore the brunt evidently. He is still the cutest little person!

 Oh my word ... I love his little face, made all the cuter by this shiner.
 Little Erin was watching Matey eat his lettuce--we had put some out on the table for him to enjoy--and then ...
 Matey just hopped right on Erin's tray! Look at her little face watching him.
 She wasn't exactly sure what to do with him at first, but she got used to it pretty quickly.

 She enjoyed this whole interaction very much--I think Matey did too!

 We had a very nice few hours here at the Beach House. Matey dominated most of our play time, but we did build a nice train layout too, and Aidan played and played with it.
 Erin played trains too! I'm so glad I have these tracks and such a nice open space to build ... each week it's a little bit different, and the kiddos love to see it all come together.

Thankful for God's help this day. I have a sore throat and a yucky headache, but I asked the Lord for strength and He answered! I loved spending time with these two today!

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