Friday, February 14, 2020

February 13

Thursday:  I had told Kaity that I would teach her how to play "Battleship" this week, and she wanted to do it RIGHT AWAY! When Brendan and I played this last week, he lasted two turns (!) and then he asked if he could peek at my side ... so the rest of our game was ME trying to cover up my side of the board so that when Brendan flew across to "peek" he would not be able to see very much.
 Kaity actually made it through most of the game before she was doing the "peeking" thing ... 
 I told her that the game was kind of like Hide & Seek (which she loves) and she seemed to really like it. It was imperative, however, that she WIN the game ... so I made it as close as I possibly could without letting her outright CHEAT. Once all five of my ships were destroyed to the depths of the sea, Kaity was quite ecstatic.
 Kaity ate a good meal of pasta, chicken, and broccoli (she ate every single bite--shock!), and I cleaned up the food, we messed around a little bit with Matey--he is not one to be ignored for very long around here!

 Matey even joined us while we played "Scribbles and Ink" on the computer. Kaity loves this little bird so much--ALL the kiddos do! What a fun pet he is.

It was so much fun to be with you this afternoon, Kaity-Girl! 

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