Sunday, October 13, 2019

Matey is let out ...

Saturday, October 12:  It's been SIX weeks since the First Mate moved into the Beach House. When I got him from the pet store, they told me he was perhaps three months old, so still kind of a baby bird.
 My niece, Shelley (who owns two birds) told me to give Matey a few weeks to get used to the people that visit my house, his surroundings, me being in and out of his cage, etc. before I open it up and let him out. So we have all very patiently waited for ... this WEEK. 
 We opened up the door to his cage and left it open. Matey did not venture OUT. Emma did a little coaxing, got Matey on her finger, and put him on the outside of his cage where he played for a little while. Kaity wanted to play with him, so gradually, we got Matey off of his cage and down on the floor with us.
 These two girls are SO good with little Matey. He trusts them and they make it look so easy!
 Kaity-Girl who is quite rough-and-tumble almost always, can be very gentle with animals. She loves Matey. She kissed his little wings several times. 

Aren't these great pictures? I can't wait to take Matey out to play with Brendan on Wednesday. He loves animals too and will be so pleased. 

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