Sunday, October 20, 2019

One of our old-time afternoon adventures

Sunday, October 20:  I was blessed once again to have Emma overnight. We worshipped this morning at church, came home and played with Matey, AND had our Bible story too.

 We took a little break from our kings and prophets study to talk about the armor of God. Below is an illustration of "the Gospel of Peace" but we talked about lots of stuff involving God's heavenly armor of light that we are supposed to wear, for protection and blessing. We had a good time studying this today. We'll do Part 2 of this in a week or so ...
 I had told Emma about going to the covered bridge on Friday and what happened with the train coming SO close to me being on the trestle ... she immediately asked if we could go to the train bridge--which we DID this afternoon. It was another completely gorgeous sunshiny day (a rare thing in Michigan for mid-October) ... we took full advantage of it.

 This is the train bridge that crosses over, practically right next to the covered bridge--I think it's beautiful.

 Emma and I crossed over the covered bridge and found the path that leads up, up, up to the train bridge.

 And before long ... we were on top! You need to know an important FACT about Emma. She is rather terrified of heights! I'm not even one little bit ... but look at her! She did it!

 Aren't the views nice from up here?

 This picture shows Em's trepidation ... except it cracked both of us up to have her crawling across the bridge.

 We actually sat her for a nice long time ... no hurry, just chatting and enjoying the beautiful day. How kind of God to give us this afternoon with each other.

 And look! Can you find our shadow in the river below? We are waving! Hi there!

Such a beautiful spot! We left here and drove over to Altar'd State and picked out a wedding gift for Hope and Chris ... looking forward to their wedding in Chicago this weekend. Emma and I plan to have an EPIC time. 

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