Sunday, October 20, 2019

Robin's pumpkin party

Saturday, October 19:  Robin has been planning a pumpkin carving party for many weeks now, and she invited me and the girls to come! We've been looking forward to it!
 Robin has enough pumpkin craft carving ideas to last a lifetime. Look at these beautiful flowered pumpkins she (and her friend Sherri) made. Aren't they great?
 I can't believe I failed to take a picture of Emma's finished pumpkin. It turned out so cute! Rats. She did an excellent job gutting and carving.
 Below is the one I hacked out for Kaity after completely wrecking my first attempt by inadvertantly cutting off the cat's left ear--it was also a different design than this one. This particular cat came from a stencil kit Robin had in her possession. It was a lot of fun. Robin had snacks of every kind. John cooked another amazing fried fish dinner along with steak/chicken tacos, cole slaw, rice, etc. I brought some very yummy and moist brownies (thank you, Betty Crocker!).
 Kaity thought this pumpkin-carving party might be more ... game playing and other stuff ... but carving a big pumpkin is a BIG job and took most of our time. Kaity and I went for a little walk outside to try and soak up a little more of beautiful Morrison Lake ...
 Such a beautiful place!

 However, it was too chilly to stay outside for very long.

After our pumpkins were carved and our stomachs were full, we left and came over here to play with Matey for awhile. 

Kaity and I also played a good game of Head Banz! She loves this game, and I LOVE to play it with her. She was pretty tired tonight, so this was a nice quiet game we could play together. Emma took a small nap in my room while Kaity and I played. THEN ... we took Kaity home!

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