Thursday, October 31, 2019

Matey, paper airplanes, books and Brendan

Wednesday, October 30:  Prior to picking Brendan up from school today, I went to the library and picked out a bunch of books for us to read--because we really really enjoy doing this.
 Brendan came in and greeted Matey first thing. Matey is very popular with the grandkids. I'm so glad! Brendan is very amused by the antics of this little feathered friend.
 Brendan and Matey played with a Q-tip again this week.

 We had stopped by at JET'S on the way home and took with us two BIG pieces of pepperoni pizza, which we ate along with a bunch of other stuff for dinner. Not bad for $4!
 Brendan is very much into making stuff, cutting with scissors, folding, origami, etc. Thankfully, I have a very nice paper airplane book with colorful paper and five different models (with directions--whew!) to fold and fly. We did this for quite awhile tonight. Brendan LOVED it. We flew our planes all over the house! We designed some of our own as well.
 We also played a game of "Jungle" chutes and ladders. Brendan won!

We read SO MANY books today. I LOVE reading books with you, Brendan! Look at what we read: (1)  Richard Scarry's, "Pie Rats Ahoy!" which was about a bunch of little rats dressed up like pirates who were making things rather difficult in Busytown Bay,  (2)  DK Readers "Dinosaur Dinners", a practical guide to just what dinosaurs ATE when they walked around on earth (Brendan knowing every single pronounciation of every last dinosaur listed in this book!),  (3)  "Willie's Word World," by Don Curry, illustrated by Rick Stromoski--a funny story of Willie in school having to think of an entire sentence beginning with the letter "W" as he listened to his classmates doing the same thing with the first letter of their names,  (4)  "What if you had an Animal Tail?" by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Howard McWilliam. This was a funny book too, because the pictures were of children with various animal tails and what they would DO with them attached to their body.  (5)  "Curious George, Dinosaur Tracks," adapted by Julie Tibbott, a cute story!  (6)  "When Dinosaurs Came With Everything," by Elise Broach, illustrated by David Small -- a super cute book about a boy who ended up with a LOT of dinosaurs because dinosaurs were given away FREE with every purchase in every store the day he shopped with his mom.  (7)  "If I had a Triceratops," by George O'Connor.  Notice the dinosaur theme going? Brendan and I sit on my couch and read. He snuggles up close. We laugh. We examine each illustration. We carefully read each page. We are in no hurry. It's a wonderful thing.

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