Monday, March 28, 2016

A few hours of "girl" time ...

We dropped the boys off at Three Mile Project at 6:00 on Saturday evening, and then we girls went over to my house to hang out for a little while. There are 10 years between Kaity and Emma ... so it is difficult to find activities we can do as a threesome. It was okay, though, because they each found stuff to do and I was able to spend time with them separately and together.
 We tried to teach Kaity how to play "Trouble" but she was all finished in five minutes flat. But still, it was a beginning and she seemed to enjoy it a little bit.
 Emma got out the marble run and made a huge construction project. Emma is wonderfully mechanical (which she must get from her dad) and can build just about anything you give her. She is almost better without instructions because she is very intuitive about how things work. That's a good strength to have, Emma!
 An extra benefit to Emma being good at building is the JOY she gets WHILE building. I love to watch her when she is happy.

 Kaity wanted to enter into the design and building ... but to be fair, Emma had almost finished her project by the time Kaity and I joined her ... so we waited on the sidelines until we were given the OK to test it out.
 And then we had a whole bunch of marble races!
 We only had a few hours, but they were good hours together. So thankful to spend time with these precious girls.

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