Saturday, March 12, 2016

More of Kaity-Jane

I had Kaity again on Monday afternoon. It is our special one-on-one time together and I cherish it. Kaity is an imp of a kiddo, and so, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with her and make our time together worthwhile for her.
 Spring was certainly in the air, and since Kaity loves making bubbles, we did that! We played a game of how far the bubble could get away before Kaity was able to "kill" it with her wand.
 Kaity is very fast. Not many bubbles escaped her! She thought it was very funny that she could run as fast as a bubble.
 We played inside afterwards for quite awhile, but then Kaity begged to go back outside. I was all for that! We walked around my neighborhood for a little while ... Kaity RAN while I fast-walked to try to keep up with her.
 But just like those few bubbles that escaped Kaity's wand ...
 Kaity was not content to walk ...
 Every puddle she found she met with enthusiasm!
 I did not realize her fancy new boots were NOT water proofed. Oops.
 She did not mind having wet feet whatsoever. I think she used it as fuel for her tiny legs ...
 Kaity is happiest while running. Perhaps she will participate in track and field some day!
Hopefully, this Monday we will go downtown to the Children's Museum to play for awhile.

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