Monday, March 28, 2016

This darling little laddie ...

I spent Sunday afternoon (Easter) with Dylan, Kelly and Brendan. Kelly made a wonderful chicken, mashed potato, vegetable and salad lunch. I brought a graham cracker frozen cake I had made for desert. Dylan requested that Brendan sing "Christ is Risen" after our meal. Brendan sang a song that he had completely made up! It was very involved about Christ defeating death by death. Dylan thinks he might have combined a few songs together.
After lunch, Brendan and I played in their basement for awhile. We watched part of The Polar Express, played trains, cuddle/snuggled for awhile -- but then it was time to go outside. It was beautiful weather--upper 50's with sunshine!
Brendan and I explored Plaster Creek. This time we took the stroller along for our hefty Little Fellow in case he needed a rest from walking. Plaster Creek flows right by their house. The river is a little high right now and will likely continue to be high since it is spring and we get a lot of rain this time of year. I love creeks, and I love to explore and get to know them.
Brendan is the perfect little partner for this kind of activity. He is SO interested in everything. The smallest things just thrill him to death. I love it.
We sat along the creek bank for quite awhile choosing which stones to throw in--which would make the biggest plunk? Or would it just be a "plink"? 
Isn't Brendan the dearest little laddie?
We had such a nice and relaxing time. No hurry. No time constraints. Heavenly.
Afterwards, we went over to the Crock Center and played on their very interesting playground. It has so many cool things to play on!
Brendan played on all of them! Me too!
Brendan was captain of the ship for awhile ...
Isn't this cute of him sliding down the slide? He is such a short little person. I just love his little self!

We played and talked. We pretended all kinds of things together.
We played in the sand together too.

We made "houses" out of wood chips and stones. Brendan was very intense about his building.

We pretended that some of our wood chips were space ships. I kept blasting mine off. "5-4-3-2-1-zero, ignition, blast-off!"
 And then Brendan would copy me ... "Four, five, six, Mexican, blast-off!" He didn't quite understand the backward counting and he completely thought the word "ignition" was "Mexican" ... so cute.
We went back to their house and Dylan talked Brendan into showing me his nice bike and dinosaur helmet.
Brendan is still a little tentative on the bike, because he is new at this. Plus, he has had a couple of falls which he did not like.

Love this little laddie so much. It was a wonderful couple of hours with these dear folks. :)

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