Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Baby beautiful butterflies"

Our dear Brendan has had a cold hanging on to him for more than two weeks now. At one time, it seemed to have gone away; but then Dylan and Kelly got it and then Brendan got sick again! So, last week Brendan was suffering from "cabin fever." I very unexpectedly had Thursday off from work and since Brendan was no longer running a temperature, I picked him up and we went off to Meijer Gardens!

When I rang Brendan's doorbell, I could hear him talking excitedly at the door. This is what he was saying when the door opened in his sweetest but sick-exhausted voice: "We're going to see the baby beautiful butterflies!" Ah! This child is so precious. 
The conservatory (is that what it is called?) is what I feel is PERFECT temperature-wise. It is HOT and VERY humid. My whole body rejoices with it! Brendan's little nose seemed to like it too. 
 It is impossible to be at Meijer Garden and NOT smile, constantly. The colors! The smells! It's almost crazy good!
 Dear dear Brendan did not have his usual energy, but he was kind and sweet and interested in everything just as he usually is.
 Brendan was especially taken with the chrysalis exhibit. 
 Several butterflies had just recently "hatched" and were waiting for the wings to dry. Brendan inspected every one of them very carefully.
 They ARE amazing, aren't they?
 And then we went on a butterfly hunt. Brendan found this Blue Morpho hiding down near the ground, so we took a picture of it.

These pictures don't show how crowded this place was. Tons of little kiddos and moms mostly. 

 We spent awhile in the gift shop too and bought Brendan a wind-up caterpillar (bright green). He was so pleased. Oh! And two butterfly sticker books as well.
I love you, Brendan dear. Please get better soon.

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