Sunday, March 13, 2016

Just Emma and I ...

As I made plans to see the grandchildren this weekend, I wasn't really sure how it was going to turn out or exactly which day was going to work for them to come. But it turned out that Friday evening was the best time--it's a LONG story how we decided just WHEN the kiddos are coming over--and it gets complicated. Just trust me in this--when I get the word that one or more of them is free to come over, I drive on over and pick up!!
 It turns out that Friday was a confusing day at the kiddos house. The children had been out of school on and off throughout the week with stomach flu, Jesse's car had broken down and needed a major engine remake, and their former neighbor's son (Christopher's best buddy) had dropped in on them unexpectedly. So it was just EMMA who ended up coming over.
 She seemed very happy to do so, and I am always happy to see and spend time with her. Since I picked her up during rush hour, we had a rather slow drive over to my place; but since I wasn't going to be cooking a big batch of french toast for three growing children, we decided to just stop at Wendy's and take it easy. We ordered whatever we wanted, ate it, and then came over here. We were going to drive out to Rockford and hike the scenic trail out there, but it was only about 30 minutes until dark at that point, so we decided to do Rockford another time.
 Emma and I studied a little bit more of the life of Jesus this week. We talked about Jesus meeting and calling his first disciples: Andrew (who had been a disciple of John the Baptist), who then brought his brother Simon (whom Jesus named Peter), and then Jesus found Philip and ... Philip told his friend, Nathanael about Jesus. I have always loved the Nathanael story! He was so surprised to find out that Jesus already KNEW him and saw him under the fig tree even before his talk with Philip. We talked about what it means to be a DISCIPLE, one who follows the teachings of another, one who imitates and copies a respected teacher. We talked about what it means to "mimic" Jesus in our lives and what that would look like. I love teaching these stories. Emma was a very good listener. She always asks really good questions too.
 Afterwards, we just spent some "silly" time on my Photo Booth feature on my MAC. Emma loves to mess around with the special effects this program has. So anyway, we laughed our heads off ...
We made a really silly video (but way too silly to post here) when we were in this ghostly mode. Emma and I were laughing so hard we were shrieking. Ah, laughter is very good medicine. And I love laughing with this delightful and beautiful granddaughter. 

I almost forgot--another fun thing we did was to go to THIS blog, yes THIS pathetic little journal of mine and we went back in time (so much fun) to see what we were all up to seven and eight years ago. Emma was so sweet as we read of the events of those years. I'm so glad I have kept this blog; if for no other reason, some day the children can access it and read about a lot of our times together. 

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