Monday, March 28, 2016

A Saturday adventure once again

I don't usually have all four grandchildren at the same time ... mostly because Kaity is so much younger than the other three and most of the stuff the older kids do, Kaity just isn't ready for. But Saturday, it was either have all of them or have none of them. SO all of them it was! 
 Thankfully, God gave us a super beautiful day to enjoy OUTSIDE. We drove out to Zeeland to visit the Critter Barn and see the rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, kittens, and other wonderful animals.
 The only other time we have been to the Critter Barn, it was in the warm summer. We stayed outside mostly and fed the goats and played on the exceptionally cool rope swing. But today, even though it was a beautiful day, it was a little bit cold still. We ventured into the barn and then I remembered ... these kiddos have a zero tolerance for barn smells ...
 So amidst a ton of groans and yucky comments about how terrible it smelled, we made our way through and touched a few bunnies and chickies, talked to the goats (very briefly) ...

 ... and then we ran back outside. There we found other animals to look at that were not inside the smelly barn (whew!). But with these four kiddos going four separate ways ... our visit to the Critter Barn was less than optimal. Not the fault of the people here at this cute place whatsoever. These guys (the grandchildren) are just not used to slowing it down and ... tolerating something they don't like until they get used to it. Matthew went in and out of the chicken coop rather quickly.

 Another reason I didn't get many pictures out here at the Critter Barn was because I could not run fast enough to keep up with this little tribe!

We left this dear little farm and traveled over to Jenison to Hagar Park. Thankfully, it was full of other children who were running and playing. Everyone made fast "friends" and played their hearts out.
 Kaity played hide 'n seek and was pretty good at getting herself into tiny spaces that were really well hidden.
 Hagar Park is a wonderfully interactive playground. There is a ton of stuff for the children to do.
 Everyone was actually happy there for quite a long time, and were reluctant to leave! YES!
 Kaity wanted to try out all of the playground equipment. She is a tough little cookie ...
 She played with some of the bigger children on the tire swing ... but they were going pretty high and twirling kind of crazy. Kaity finally got off and found tamer things to do.

 Such a great place!
 Kaity rolled down the grassy hills ...
 It was a beautiful sunshine-y day!
 Kaity spent a lot of time "planting trees" in the sand. She would make a mound out of the sand, grab a little stick and plant it. She did this over and over again and was quite pleased with herself about it.

It was wonderful sharing a Saturday adventure with these kiddos!

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