Monday, March 7, 2016

Emma's Courage

Emma is 13-1/2 now. I want to tell you a story about her courage this past week. Emma has been in the school choir now for three years--since 5th grade. She loves her choir teacher, a very nice woman and a wonderful music teacher. Emma loves music and she loves to sing.

At the end of next week, the choir is performing in the high school cafeteria for a fund raiser--they call it a "Dinner Theatre." So the other day I asked Emma how the practices were going. She said they were going okay, but that she was having trouble with one of the two songs they were scheduled to sing. She told me she did not like the song and she was NOT going to sing it. I was a little dismayed at first ... but then I asked her what song was giving her the trouble.

She responded that I probably wouldn't know the song, but it was titled "Imagine." I told her that I DID know the song and I asked her to tell me why she objected to it. I was so pleased with her answer.

"Grandma, the song says 'Imagine there is NO heaven, it's easy if you try; no hell below us, above us only sky ...' I don't WANT to imagine there is NO heaven--it's all I am living for! I don't like the idea of hell, but just because I don't like the idea of hell, doesn't mean it isn't there!" 

I asked her what she was going to do. Emma told me that during practice this past week she just stood in her usual place in the choir but she did NOT sing that song. The choir teacher asked why it was she wasn't singing and she answered exactly as I have stated above. She told her teacher she could not sing a song that she believed was wrong. Yay, Emma! It takes a lot of courage to go against your peers and stand up even in the face of your favorite teacher. Yay, God! So thankful that God's Spirit spoke into Emma's heart convicting her of the truth of heaven and hell. My Emma loves the Lord. His Spirit lives in her. I am so thankful.

Emma showed she had the COURAGE to obey. Priceless. So proud of her.

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