Saturday, March 5, 2016

A "new" road explored ... and an "old" one revisited.

There is a road that I have passed by year after year down which I have never had the need to travel. But I have often been curious about it. I love to drive down a road I have never explored before. With all the fresh beautiful snow, I decided Wednesday was THE DAY. I would drive down Scott Lake Rd. and see where it ended!
It turned out that not even a half mile away was the END of the road. It dead ends right into Scott Lake Golf Club. There wasn't anyone there! (shock).  
 So I took the liberty to wander a little bit with my camera. It was such a beautiful day.

I especially love fences, shadows, trees, untarnished white snow ... 

 I am very happy with these pictures!

 After I walked out on Scott Lake Rd for awhile, I meandered down Krupp Farm Rd. where I was able to take just a few pictures of this very friendly horse. Sadly, I did not have a carrot or an apple with me. She certainly looked as though she THOUGHT I was going to give her a treat.
 She was quite far out in the field as I was pulling off the road. As I got out of my car, she came as close as she could come to me!

These are not the best of pictures. Horses are SO beautiful, but the sun was in the wrong spot (or I was!) and I just could not get the lighting to cooperate. That's OK. I enjoyed talking to this beautiful creature for a little while anyway.

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