Thursday, March 24, 2016

A new place to play with Kaity!

Pretty soon it will be warm enough so that Kaity and I can play outside at all of the beautiful playgrounds and parks we have here in Grand Rapids. But Monday was not one of those outside kind of days yet ... to cold for this wimpy grandma!
 Kelly told me about an indoor playground called "Catch Air" which is over on 28th Street, not far from Woodland Mall. The price was very reasonable--only Kaity was charged (!!) and I could go with her wherever she wanted to play. I did everything Kaity did! She liked having me shadow her.
 We threw a lot of plastic balls at each other ...
 Went down a LOT of different slides. One of them surprised me by being a super curvy one and very fast ... I avoided that slide from that point on!
 There were places to climb, jump, spin, and explore.
 We lasted an entire hour and a half--which is pretty good actually! We had a lot of fun.

 We did not sample any of the food, because we had not come there to EAT, we had come there to PLAY. However, Kaity did talk me into a Kit-Kat candy bar. We split it and were quite content.
 We came home to the Beach House exhausted from our play time. We had a quiet few hours at my house. We played a lot of music on my piano, had a marching band, and played with all of the puppets.

I am thankful for these Monday afternoons with Kaity-Girl!

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