Thursday, March 24, 2016

FOUR is even better than THREE!

Brendan has been four now for about 7 weeks. I thought him being three was fun, but it seems that FOUR is even better. He is talking up a storm and has the most interesting stuff to say (said his very unbiased grandma).
 Brendan invents stories, makes very authentic sound effects (for his cars, trucks, emergency vehicles), and changes his little voice to animate his animals, dolls, and other toys.
 We played for the longest time this afternoon with his toys.
 He is such a contented little boy. He enjoys every tiny bit of life so much.
 His happiness is rather contagious I find.
Brendan had a few spare LEGOS and built a church. "See grandma? I made a church." 
 Notice the cross on top. The church was for his Playmobile person ...

 This kiddo. So thankful for him.
This is a "peanut pillow" that Kelly uses with birthing moms. Brendan thinks it is great fun too. :)

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