Monday, March 28, 2016

I know that my Redeemer lives ...

Easter is even better than Christmas, isn't it? It is completely why Jesus came from heaven to earth. God's plan was this all along. I am glad that as I have grown older in my faith, that I also am surrounded with a community of folk who linger at the cross, consider His suffering, worship the Redeemer for what He accomplished on Good Friday to make us righteous, to give us new life in His Spirit, to raise us with Him with the purpose and power to serve Him all the days of our lives ... and then GLORY. 

It was a beautiful Easter morning yesterday as we celebrated His resurrection, defeating death by death, completely victorious. So thankful to be born again IN HIM.

PS  Years and years ago, I took this picture with my very first digital camera, a Kodak, with no fancy anything on it at all. I think it is a really pretty picture (said the photographer).

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