Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sunday afternoon with Emma and Matthew

No pictures of the children for this post! Yikes! I completely forgot to take pictures while Ems and Matthew were over Sunday afternoon. We only had three short hours together, but they were good ones. We played a few games of Rack-o. We ate a healthy lunch of salad and chips and fruit. We listened to pretty music.

Our Bible lesson was about the first public miracle that Jesus did ... the one at the wedding in Cana. We talked about how wonderful it was that Jesus cared about the families of the bride and groom and how he changed the water into wine without any trouble at all--afterall, Jesus is the Creator of the heavens and earth! We talked about what a first century wedding might have looked like while the kiddos painted their pictures. 
We talked a long while about the kindness of Jesus and how much He loves us. I am excited to study and teach some more of the beautiful stories of Jesus in the weeks to come. 

After our Bible story was over, I made ice cream sundaes for Emma and Matthew. Emma likes hers piled with strawberries and whipped cream stacked high! Matthew prefers a lot of chocolate and NO whipped cream. Christopher did not come this week because he was expecting a school friend to come over and they were going to work on a school project together. We missed you, Chris!

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