Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tuesday AND Thursday with Brendan!

I received a message from Kelly that our dear little fellow was missing his grandma! Oh my! That would NEVER do! After work Tuesday, I came over to visit just for a short while because I missed Brendan too!

 We played in the dirt, did a little (VERY little) yard work ... ate a marvelous pizza together ...
 ... and we walked along this VERY swollen creek right by Brendan's house. The water was much higher than I have seen it before! Brendan and I took a long walk together. I love walking with this little guy.
 Thursday, Brendan came over to the Beach House for some playtime. We built our fire truck puzzle together. Look at his happy little face ... he is "driving" the puzzle all over my house!

 While I was fixing dinner, Brendan watched some "steam locomotives" on youtube. This child LOVES trains. He will watch anything and everything to do with them. It does come in handy while making dinner, I will say. He just sits mesmerized while I cook and prepare our meal.
 We ate a very healthy dinner of broccoli and noodle-roni, Brendan's favorite. We had fresh banana bread too, and Brendan had chocolate milk in his pumpkin cup. Happiness.

 After dinner, we made a block house for my magnetic animals to live in.

 Brendan loves to pretend and he gets a real charge when I animate the animals. We had a whole story going of building this house for frog and then all of his friends coming to visit.

 Brendan got all of the animals squashed inside the house and then pretended he was the GIANT, removed one of the blocks from the roof so that he could look DOWN on the little creatures and belted out, "Fe, Fe, Fum" in his loudest voice. All of the animals screamed in fear. Brendan laughed so hard. I can't help but smile every time I remember it!

I love you, Brendan dear. You are so much fun to play with.

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