Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An entire Saturday with Brendan!

Saturday, Dylan and Kelly had an all-day class to attend and wondered if I would like to have a little fellow to spend the day with ... you bet!

 We started our day at Marge's Donut Den. Brendan chose his rainbow-sprinkled chocolate covered donut ... and I had my favorite too--a cream-filled chocolate covered donut. I ate every single bite. It was delicious. Brendan enjoyed his donut too. Look at that happy little face.
 We played for awhile at Marge's play area. Brendan liked this stuffed giraffe. When I asked what its name was, Brendan announced: "His name is Norris." Okay. We were trying to see what his tag said, but I can't remember exactly just what was on that tag.
 From Marge's we drove over to my house where we played for a little while. Brendan is a very easy little person to entertain. He loves my house and he loves the toys here. He has his favorites, to be sure, but he is interested in EVERYTHING and plays so nicely.
 We played a lot of music. Actually, I turned on the demo tape on my piano, which really has a nice variety of music and we got our instruments out and played and played ...
 We decided to go see the free kids movie, "Peanuts" which was showing at 11:00. Kelly even gave us her giant popcorn bucket to get free popcorn for Brendan. The movie was really cute and Brendan enjoyed it very much.
 After the movie, we came back here and played for awhile and ate some yummy stuff, but then it was time to drive over the Calvary Church for a reception for my friends, Dan and Teresa, who are moving to S. Sudan very shortly. Brendan enjoyed a piece of cake and drew on a picture of Africa and behaved himself wondrously.
 And then we came back to The Beach House to play some more! I got down my Easter eggs that has the story of Jesus inside each egg. I told Brendan the story using the objects inside each egg. He followed along very well and inspected each and every egg.
 His favorite one was the one with the little donkey in it. I told him a little donkey had carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the little children sang, "Hosanna, Hosanna!" Brendan loves to sing, so he was happy to hear about this.
 Brendan played endlessly with my lighthouse LEGOS.

 We read some stories together and just hung out together. We always do a lot of laughing.
 We had a wonderful entire Saturday together!

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