Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A quiet afternoon with Kaity Jane ...

I am very much looking forward to consistent nice weather so that Kaity and I can explore interesting outdoor places. Monday was a bit wet and chilly to do that sort of thing, so we were "stuck" inside!
 Before I picked Kaity up, I stopped in real quick at Toys R Us to see if there were any small playthings that might help keep us occupied during the afternoon. Kaity is a tricky one to entertain ... for many reasons actually. First, she is VERY active ... fast on her feet ... she loves physical stuff to do, which is why playgrounds work so well for her. Plus, her attention span is a little limited. She decidedly does NOT like to be read to--which is very hard for me! I love reading to kids!
I picked out a set of snap-together beads, as well as a few "eggs" of silly putty. I was surprised how long we played with these little inexpensive toys! Whew! Kaity loved the little beads. She always brings a bag of her "stuff" with her--i.e. her toys that she wants me to see. Her bag contained her baby giraffe stuffed animal, her baby horse stuffed animal, her baby owl stuffed animal and a few miscellaneous items as well. She was really thrilled to make necklaces for all of her little animal friends.
 And we had a blast with the Silly Putty too. I actually like it better than Play-Doh because (1) it doesn't stick to stuff and leave a residue, and (2) if you make a nice round ball out of your putty, you can bounce it all over the place. We did exactly that. Kaity mixed two of the eggs together--the orange and the green putty; but I held out on the blue putty and kept it separate.
 We spent most of our time at the round table just pretending with the animals. It was a nice, quiet afternoon.

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