Saturday, March 5, 2016

Walking along the Rogue ...

I only worked a half day Friday, as all my work was completely caught up, so I punched out and decided to take a nice long stroll out in Rockford by the Rogue River. There is actually a Roger River Scenic Walk that I hiked along on and off throughout my time out there. 

It was a really gorgeous afternoon--cold, but not bitterly so; blue sky with interesting cloud cover, not much wind. Perfect.
I went seeking beautiful places to snap a picture or two. These were not exactly what I had in mind as I had visualized my walk sitting at my office desk. But reality is often different than fantasy, isn't it?
The colors of the day were wonderful.
I walked along the east side of the river for awhile, remembering that there are sometimes swans that "hang out" down river a bit--that was my goal--find those swans!
When I had walked a long long way, I saw a half dozen beautiful gorgeous amazing swans on the opposite side of the river from where I was (naturally) on the far side of a small island. So I back-tracked, crossed over the dam and walked on the boardwalk, on the west side of the river. I walked very quickly because I did not want to miss those swans!

There were geese a-plenty ...
But ... the swans had ... escaped! NO!
I walked as far as the boardwalk allowed because it totally dead-ended into private property!
NOTE TO SELF:  Do NOT trespass that private property EVER again. I was nearly devoured by a VERY large dog who alerted the entire riverfront of my law-breaking--very embarrassing, and I had it coming to me--it's just that I wondered if somehow those swans had just gotten out of my range and perhaps if I just walked on the edge of the properties, I might catch them out. 
Having NO success whatsoever, and being hollered at by a homeowner, I returned the same way I came--more slowly this time so as not to miss the beauty.
I was disappointed about the swans, but these are very nice pictures nonetheless, and the walk was totally worth it.

It has really been a very lovely winter for photography. I am going to miss the amazing beauty of the snow, even as I long for spring to come.

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