Wednesday, July 17, 2019

At my house with Aidan

Monday, July 15:  Oh Aidan ... you dear little sweetheart. Gah! I love this child! Here he sits in his special chair eating his noodles. Max is watching from a distance ... trying to keep free of food and other sticky hands ...
 This little guy is a good eater ... once you trick him into it that is. Seriously. He always pretends like he isn't going to eat a single bite! But then I "steal" a little from his bowl and make moaning sounds like I am dying from pleasure ... eventually, he joins in (not with the sounds, but with the eating). I will say, though, he has been a little on the tricky side lately to feed.
 I remember his daddy was the exact same way. Dylan would eat ANYTHING I set before him until he was about this age and then ... a total reverse! He wouldn't eat a single thing! Sigh.
 That face, Aidan (above) ... what ARE you thinking, you little angel baby?
 And THIS expression (above) ... oh my! He kills me.
We had a shorter-than-usual time together today due to my evening plans. But we did build a rather nice train layout (not pictured), did our puppet routine, and ran around the house for awhile chasing each other. Always a JOY to be with this little one.

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