Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Our Monday evening get-together

Monday evening, July 15:  Our small group from Monday Night Bible study had a small get-together out at Robin's Monday evening. Summer is a busy time and many of our ladies had other obligations, and a few had last-minute things come up that prevented their being with us. But we DID have Eva and Gayle and we had a really good time cruising around Morrison Lake and then eating all of the delicious food provided by chef John and dear Robin.
 Eva had just returned from a two-week Alaskan adventure with her husband of almost 51 years. She told us they have been celebrating all year. How wonderful to hear her joy and share some good stories of their trip. Gayle has been entertaining lots and lots of family the last six weeks. I was surprised that she squeezed us in, but so thankful to see her and share her fellowship.
 Robin cruised us all around the permiter of the lake. We were searching for our swan family, which had completely eluded us Saturday night when I was there with the girls.
 I shared some family prayer requests with these ladies and I know they will pray. I'm so thankful for their faithfulness and commitment to our small group.
 My back was turned to the swans as I talked away and finally, Robin pointed over my shoulder ...
 Yes! Our swan family!
 Aren't they gorgeous?
 The cygnets have grown so much in these last weeks!
 Look how beautiful they are.
 I took a ton of pictures (always), and Robin very graciously kept the boat circling in their area while I snapped away ...

 We finally left the swans and meandered back to Robin's. Look what we saw on the way! A sea gull party! Good grief! Every sea gull at Morrison Lake was gathered right here it seemed!
 It was a perfect time of night, the lighting so beautiful. You couldn't take a bad picture!

 I think Morrison Lake is my new favorite place ... I am so thankful for the quietness and beauty of this lake. Thank you, Lord, for Robin's friendship and for her extravagant hospitality!

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