Friday, July 12, 2019

The Jail ... yikes!

Thursday, July 11:  Inside the "lodge" there is a JAIL from the Old West. Kaity wanted me to pretent to arrest her and Emma for "not following the rules" out here at Deer Tracks.
 So ... I arrested them "in the name of the LAW" and threw them both in jail.
 Kaity gave me a real snarky look as I threw her in and locked the door ...
 Emma decided it would be a good time to comb the snarls out of her hair ... WHAT?!?!
 Kaity demanded that I let her out. She, then, arrested ME and I had to go to jail.
 Meanwhile, Emma continued to get those nasty snarls OUT ... serious business ... you might as well DO something while incarcerated after all!
 What a fun place this is!
You girls crack me up.

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