Monday, July 15, 2019

So much to see at the zoo ...

Saturday, July 13:  We received an extra special treat today from my friend, Robin. She took us out to a zoo we had NEVER been to before! We LOVE zoos! This is Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park!
 This zoo is laid out very nicely, it's clean, and it's not too big.
 There were a lot of exotic birds, and since we were walking, talking, and snapping pictures, I didn't think to record each specific name ... I wish I would have!
 There were animals to feed ... not that we haven't fed little animals before, but these were super funny ones!

 This is our friend, Robin (below) ...
 The goats ran like 60 when they saw us with carrots!
 Look at them, knocking themselves out to get a carrot ... what a scream.
 Kaity was like ... whoa!

 Kaity's container of carrots was gone pretty fast. Somehow I missed taking pictures of Emma panning for "gold" at the mine. She got some really pretty stones too! Perhaps she will bring them over and show them to me next week.

 I SWEAR, this mother lived UNDER my bed as a child ... I'm certain of it!

 Baby animals were in a separate building. This is Ems petting a baby kangaroo.
 Baby llama and tiny donkey ...
 Baby ostriches! SO cute!
 Emma shared a carrot with Kaity so that she could feed them too ...
 Giraffes, oh my! (more in another post).

See more pictures ...

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