Sunday, July 28, 2019

More of the beauty of Morrison Lake

Saturday, July 27:  I have taken a ridiculous amount of pictures out at Morrison Lake ... you would think so, but then ... you don't know me! I LOVE the lakes. I LOVE boats (big, little, medium, sail, speed, pontoon ... you name it). I love beach life! So there ...
 I took most of these last night while John and Robin captained us out around the lake. Every day is a different scene out here. The clouds, the wind, the birds, the water ... it's never quite the same day after day.

 We saw a bunch of turtles last night just sunning themselves on tree roots and branches. I wasn't able to get a good picture of them, although I did try.
 It was the sky that intrigued me most last night. I just love it when the sun shines through the breaks in the clouds in colorful rays ...

 We saw our swans again!

 They are all practically the size of adults now. I wonder when it is that they break off from their family and find their mate? They say that swans mate for life--I wonder how that works exactly in a swan's life.

 Here we are approaching Robin and John's place, getting ready to dock ... their house is the one in the middle there (below).
 Once we were back on land, I walked a few houses down because the sun was doing amazing things still ...

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty You have created. You are an Awesome God, an incredible Creator. Thank you so much for SIGHT to see ... and for my camera (that I know nothing technical about) that I can use to enjoy Your handiwork.

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