Thursday, November 21, 2019

A happy Wednesday

Wednesday, November 20:  Dear Brendan came over to play this afternoon. I pick him up from school every Wednesday afternoon. He reads to me as we take our somewhat prolonged drive between his school and my house (which is about 25 miles of city traffic, etc.). Brendan read "Dinosnores" to be as we were driving. He was completely amused by this little book. I love it when Brendan is amused. He is SO sweet and he notices every little thing in an illustration or word that is the least bit quirky. When we finally arrived here, Brendan's first mission was ... MATEY!
 Matey has been rather stand-offish to my dear Brendan, and it has really irked us. But today was a NEW day ...
 ... and Brendan allowed and respected Matey's "space" and things went much better for the two of them.
 See? Little Matey-Bird got rather chummy with Brendan. I was SUPER glad about this. FINALLY! Brendan was so pleased too. I love to see his happiness. For Matey to quietly sit on Brendan's shoulder for a number of minutes was a huge accomplishment ... for both of them actually!

 I LOVE this!
 Brendan and I worked on creating some LEAF animals for awhile tonight. However, since I waited SO late in the season for this little project, our leaves were rather dried out, wrinkled up and STIFF. So ... our animals didn't work out very well. It WAS fun to spread out our leaves on the table and look at all of them though.

 I forgot to take a picture of Brendan's finished picture. It was a wolf peering out through the woods. We placed the leaves on waxed paper, covered it with another piece of waxed paper, ironed them together, taped the edges, and voila! Brendan brought his home to hang on their dining room window to be a sun catcher.
 During our dinner time, we looked at another library book, "Titanosaurus" which was the true story of how some scientists uncovered the skeletal remains of the biggest dinosaur God ever made! It was very well written, and the pictures were fascinating.
 Later, Brendan got a puppet show going. He gathered all of my hand puppets to be the audience, and then he used his homemade paper hand puppet to be the monster in his show. We talked about making our own puppets since paper ones don't hold together very well. I brought out one of my old socks and showed him how easily they fit on my hand and how fun it would be to make puppets out of old socks ... that's what we'll work on in the weeks ahead (hopefully).
We had a nice ride home together, Brendan talking about every little thing. I love this child so much. When we got to his house, his mom and dad greeted him and we all sat and laughed and talked awhile. My heart was SO happy to see Dylan laugh and play with Brendan tonight. Thank you, Lord, for Your goodness to us!

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