Friday, November 8, 2019

This and That

Thursday, November 7:  I woke up this morning to an inch of snow outside my window and on top of unraked leaves (although I've been raking regularly, honestly!), and felt annoyed immediately. I went outside with my leaf-blower and urged the loose leaves off from my driveway, porch and stairs all the way to the curbside where they would be sucked up by the powerful "leafinator" about one hour hence. I took a rake to the stony area--just the upper surface of leaves and loosened those, raked them up, and then blew away the drier leaves. I got out my snow shovel (!!) to help me shovel the huge pile of frozen leaves from the end of my driveway down to the curb. It was a JOB.

So I was already exhausted before I even picked Kaity up from school this afternoon! Thankfully, God gives strength to us when we ask (I begged), so Kaity and I had a very fine time together at my cozy little house. We entertained Matey for awhile---Kaity is relentless in her pursuit of him, and she finally wins!
 We also played extensively with my brand new Alphabet Robots, but I neglected to photograph that!
 Kaity took all of the letters down the hallway to her "classroom" to use them for teaching purposes. After our spelling lesson, Miss Kaitlynn decided we needed a play break. She went to the shelves and picked out one of her favorite games: Hedbanz. I'm very glad Kaity enjoys this game--it's so good for her! It's a guessing game, asking only "yes" or "no" questions. Kaity is getting so much better reading the question cards that come with the game--she is quite proud of that fact too.
 Thank you for playing with me, Kaity!
 We played with Kaity's Playmobile Treehouse for a little while too.
 AND we did a little bit of crafty stuff, folding origami animals! 

 Kaity loves making stuff--so does Brendan! Perhaps it's a 7-year-old thing. It's very nice, though, and I like it a lot.

Kaity and I also went to McD's so that we could play a game of Foosball. Kaity got her usual vanilla ice cream cone (I tell them to make it small), and then we were off to the game room! We have so much fun playing foosball that I'm looking to get a table-top version, although I don't want a TINY one--more of a mid-sized one--so I'm on the hunt!

Kaity was also my helper tonight at Meijer. I give her my list and a pencil, and she checks off each item for me and then helps me unload my cart. She loves to be a helper. Kaity--your grandma loves you so much! 

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