Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Saturday with Kaity

Saturday Afternoon, November 10:  Kaity came over today and let me comb out her hair, which is growing SO fast. I have a method of de-tangling her hair that she tolerates quite readily. We sit Kaity at my office chair, put on a short video, and then I get all of my clips and wide combs out and do a section of her hair at a time, spraying each section with conditioner, being super careful NOT to tear at or pull her hair. This usually takes about 20 minutes (if her hair is particularly unruly). I should have snapped a picture of her with it all sectioned off and clipped on top of her head--she looks so darling like that!
 Kaity loved on our little Matey-bird ... Kaity is a bird (and all animal) charmer (like her sister, Emma). Matey is fond of both girls (more than me!).
 I love these pictures of Kaity and Matey. Kaity is very pleased that their names RHYME.

 We spent some time this afternoon learning all about Zaccheus and how Jesus loved him and became his friend. Kaity was totally into the story. "You mean, grandma, that Zaccheus paid back the people he stole from 4x the amount he took? WOW." Yes, Kaity. Zaccheus was sorry he had been so mean and sinful. Jesus found Zaccheus up in that sycamore tree, called him by his name, and invited himself over to his house! I told Kaity that Jesus does that with each of us. He invites himself into our lives--we just need to turn away from our sin and welcome him into our hearts.
 Kaity colors an illustration while I talk about the story. She loves to color and she does a very nice job of her pictures, don't you think?

After our time here at the Beach House, Kaity requested (once again) an ice-cream cone at McD's (it's only $1.37!) and then, of course, we play in the game room afterwards ...

We brought Paco along for the fun of it! Kaity absolutely cracks me up with this little pig puppet. Do you know, incidently, that I have had Paco the Pig now for 17 years?!?! Doesn't he look great still?
 Paco and Kaity WON our foosball game by one stinkin' point! 

 Kaity and Paco were ecstatic in their victory!
Ah ... this is the good stuff life can be made of IF I will just continue to be available to these precious kiddos!

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