Tuesday, November 19, 2019

This little one is just too cute ...

Monday, November 18:  This little sweetheart came over to play today--afterall, it IS Monday, and it is Aidan's special day to come and play. I enjoy this little person so much. He is at a perfect age, in my opinion. He plays independently, he is easy to entertain, he is happy with very little, etc. He's PERFECT (says his gamma Carol).

 Aidan loves cars and trucks. All of my little Matchbox trucks he has designated as "gobbage frucks," and he is so pleased to play with them because there is nothing quite as cool as a garbage truck afterall.

 I also showed him my Alphabet Robots today. I wondered if he would be too little to transform them ... but he caught right on when I told him when HAD to find the robots' eyes so they could see!
 Aidan is quite a mechanical little soul ...

 We always make a train layout ... until every single "fwack" is used up.

 Aidan plays very nicely with the trains and has all kinds of stuff going on with them. Our battery-powered "Lady" gets a fair run, but then Aidan tells her she has to take a nap. Note Lady napping in the picture below.

 Aidan is very precise in his train's comings and goings ...

 Isn't he the cutest little bundle on the planet? Yes, I know!

 Aidan used his veggie straws to blow air at me, and of course I pretended to blow away ... which got him belly laughing.

 We also enjoyed a little cup of "Chockit ice cream" together.

 THEN Aidan went bird watching with his "noculars." Cutie.
 He also spent about 10 solid minutes with Mr. Wooly Willy very carefully putting hair all over its face with the magnetic wand, which he found very fascinating.

I love this little boy very much. He fills up my heart with joy.

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