Friday, November 29, 2019

Sixteen is a BIG DEAL

Friday, November 29:  It's Chris's birthday today. He is SIXTEEN. Wow. In just two years, he will be old enough to vote. Very soon, he will be driving and doing other very adult stuff. Chris doesn't hang out with me any more and I totally understand. He is very involved with friends and also he is in a lot of different sports at Comstock. AND, he has a girlfriend. All of that leaves little extra time, besides the fact that I am ... OLD ... I have no television or video games, and only really have a bunch of toys/games that younger children enjoy.

I do miss seeing Christopher on a regular basis. It's really the only way to have any kind of a relationship ... so I am missing out with NOT keeping in touch. We do see each other, briefly, now and then and it's not like we don't like each other--we just have a distance now that we didn't have before.

Having said that, I will tell you that I love my oldest grandson, and pray often for him. He is approaching a super important time in his life where many decisions he makes will be life decisions. I keep praying that Christopher will surrender all of his life to Jesus as his Lord and Savior--the #1 decision any person can make, young or old. 

The days got a little ahead of me and I neglected to ask Chris what he wanted for his birthday. So two days ago, I reached out via messaging and told Chris that #16 comes with a double budget amount, and asked him to go to Amazon and pick out some things, which he did! I'm so glad! His gifts did not arrive on time for his birthday, but he seemed to accept that without a problem. Whew. I also went over to Baker Book House today and picked out a really good study Bible for him. Since I ordered his name engraved on it, it has been sent away and won't be available for another week. Sigh. I'm excited to give it to him, though. He is a good reader. How can I hope that Christopher will know God if he doesn't have a nice Bible to read and study, right? Right. The deed is done. I'm just praying Chris will read and understand ... and obey ... and live a life worthy of the One who died for him.

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