Monday, November 25, 2019

Saturday with KT

Saturday, November 23:  Look who rascal Kaity brought to our dinner table tonight! Mr. Matey-Bird LOVES to sit on the sides of bowls and scan the food. Now and then, he'll even taste a little bite. He is SO cute when he does this! Kaity and I cracked up for the longest time watching him WATCH us eat. Matey!! You are the cutest little birdie.
 Kaity decided that after we ate we should play LEGOs! Yes! I LOVE to play LEGOs! We got out all of the LEGOs we could find (with the exception of our space LEGO bin) and built and played and pretended for over an hour.
 This is exceptional for Kaitlynn ... and it is SO good for her. I love how she sets everything up and then gets started with a story about all of the people and what they are doing. We used Matey's bathtub for awhile and pretended it was the LEGO people's hottub/pool.

 Kaity is a very decent builder. She is naturally mechanical (trust me, she gets this from Jesse NOT me) and very good with her hands. I love to watch her delight as she builds.
 And look! Kaity fixed my poor blind bird and gave him sleeping eyes instead. Thank you, Kaity!
After we played here for awhile, we drove over to McD's for Kaity's ice cream cone and a game or two of foosball. Thank you, Lord ... for allowing me to be grandma to this dear child, watch her grow, listen to her thoughts and love her little heart. Thank you so much.

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