Sunday, November 17, 2019

Only THREE pictures?!

Saturday, November 16:   Kaity and I set up a paint table this afternoon and enjoyed some relaxing art time together. Kaity painted a very colorful unicorn first while I worked on the balloon bouquet, and then since I was finished with my painting yet, she went on and painted the gray rabbit with very pink ears.
 We were very happy painting together, and it was actually quite relaxing--if you don't count the times I was concerned the paint splatters might reach from here to China. We did very well, though, with containing the paint on our plastic sheet.

I think we were just too busy to take many pictures this afternoon. Kaity was a little bit "out of sorts" and I was more than usually tired--not a great combination. We did manage to play quite a lot with our First Mate, and we did end our time over at the foosball table once again. Kaity absolutely creamed me and was pleased to do so. I love you, Kaity; out of sorts or not ... you are precious to me.

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