Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April 28, Grand River Riverside Pedestrian Bridge (Lowell)

Tuesday (continued):  I was trying to describe this bridge to Brendan on our drive out to Lowell. He said he was very surprised with HOW it looked--he said he didn't expect it to look like this. I told him I felt the same way the first time I saw it. It's difficult to describe the bridge except to say that it is a wooden "truss" bridge, and I think it is 650 long, spanning the Grand River in Lowell.
 I think our Little Fellow was sufficiently impressed once we walked up the ramp and were on top. It's a beautiful place, even during this drab time of year.
 Here are the three kiddos ... look at little Erin's face! She kills me! Aidan was exhausted by this time and very happy to sit in this deluxe stroller of theirs.

 I was telling Brendan that eventually, there is going to be a stairway that you can descend to explore this island. He wanted the stairway to be finished TODAY ... but they actually haven't even started building that part yet.

 Great views from a really impressive bridge ... but I get all excited about bridges and lighthouses ... and barns ... and boats!

 We crossed to the other side and took a short path to the water's edge. It was actually quite muddy down there, so I didn't spend much time in it. 

 Brendan had his cool boots on, so he walked right down to the edge and took a look at the pretty stones and tossed a few into the river while he was at it.

 We crossed back over, since there was nothing else we were "allowed" to do during quarantine ... you see, there is a nice playground and beautiful soccer fields on the other side. Hopefully, when our state "opens up" again, we can come back here and play on the playground. I didn't get the kiddos too close to it because I didn't want them to be sad and frustrated.

 We walked along a pathway adjacent to the river, but it dead-ended into a ravine.

In preparation for today, I had prayed for strength and wisdom and enough energy to have a fun day with these guys. God was very gracious and gave me just enough of what I needed!

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