Friday, April 3, 2020

April 3

Friday:  Today, I went nowhere. I stayed right here on my property and in my own little house. Let me make it clear right now, though, that the few times I HAVE been out I have been very careful to maintain a six-foot distance--seriously! By early afternoon today, it was actually warm enough to OPEN MY DOORS!
 It was wonderful to let a light breeze come in and actually FEEL alive inside my own house!
 It was a beautiful weather day and I probably should have taken full advantage and made myself WALK a few miles, but I did not. Yesterday, I walked 3.1 and I felt I needed a break. I did go outside for an hour and rake my little yard so that it looked pretty again, and I was also able to say "hi" to a few of my neighbors. I even met the mail-lady! Her name is Cathy, and it turns out that she is a Christian! I was thanking her for doing her job and telling her to "be safe" and she mentioned something about the Lord and then I mentioned something about the Lord and then ... we talked and talked! How fun was that! She told me of her daughter (Carrie), who does not know the Lord, and who is just terrified about the COVID thing because she has 3 small children to care for. I've added Carrie to my prayer list.
 I got a special call from Dylan on FaceTime and I got to see and talk to and laugh with these three beautiful grandchildren. I miss them SO MUCH. I was even able to read them a funny story! It was truly wonderful to just visit with these guys this afternoon.

 AND LOOK! I got to ZOOM with Kaity-Girl too! We dressed our baby dolls in matching outfits! Isn't that so funny? We spent 30 minutes together with Kaity showing me stuff in her room, and she also demonstrated her fancy Google Play technology, which is quite beyond my compehension, but very cool that Kaity knows how to use it. 
 It was a comfort to see this precious person and spend time with her today. Thank you, Lord, for this technology. I think I would feel pretty devastated without it.
And look who else I got to see and talk to tonight? All the way from the Cayman's!! Wow. Their "island" is on a complete lock-down: no one in, no one out. The pre-K through Grade 6  (tuition-based) school he is principal of ... will it survive? Lots of questions. Lots of situations that are so out of our control.
I know this world is not my home. We have an eternal home in the heavens, where Jesus is getting it all ready for us. This global pandemic might just be the beginning of the end of the earth as we know it ... this whole thing might just set the world up for that great deceiver to come and declare that he is GOD--and he won't be crucified for claiming it either--he will be believed and followed and worshiped ... until Christ comes the final time in victory. I'm very thankful tonight that His promises are sure and true.

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