Saturday, July 18, 2020

July 16 at Versluis Park

Thursday:  It was a hot afternoon today, so Kaity and I went over to Versluis Park so that she could swim. I was sitting this one out (the swimming part) due to a very sore and somewhat swollen right fourth toe--thankfully I see the doctor tomorrow about that ...

 It was a fantastically pretty afternoon. Kaity was hoping her friends from last Saturday would show up--Mercy, Jubilee and Evie. From these pictures, it almost looks as if Kaity had the lake all to herself. But actually, she spent a lot of her time playing with a group of kids: Caden, Kayleigh, and two other siblings. I love the way kids of this age meet and instantly play together.

 Kaity is trying to learn to float on her back. She almost has it!

 While I was watching Kaity (!!) I tried to sneak in some pretty pictures of the surrounding area ...

 The clouds were just amazing ... isn't it almost too much too see their reflection in the water?!

 Kaity played for a bit on the playground too.

We returned to my house to eat dinner and play with Matey ...

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