Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 2 at Versluys Park

Thursday:  Kaity and I played for awhile today over at Versluys Park. It's super close to my house, which is very nice if you struggle with a long drive (Kaity does). 
 It wasn't very crowded, but perhaps that's because we didn't really arrive until about 4:30 in the afternoon. We had played first at my house. Kaity was a little "out of sorts" today ... quieter than usual, and I think more tired too.

 It's a very nice park actually, and the water is checked by the DNR on a regular basis. We swam for quite awhile, played catch, and then Kaity hooked up with some children more her age and played with them for awhile.
 This is one of the two playgrounds at the park.

What a really HOT day it was too ... I was glad we could get some refreshment in the lake. My little house usually doesn't get too hot--but the 90's does get somewhat extra WARM and uncomfortable at times here. We will return here I am sure. I purchased a season parking sticker for my car, which will save us $$ in the long run.

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