Sunday, July 26, 2020

July 24 Three swimmers

Friday:  We began our time together playing with my camping toys while I was fixing lunch. I hadn't had these toys out for awhile, so they were a novelty and a good distraction for the kids waiting to eat.
 Almost immediately after lunch, we got ready to go back to Versluis Park to swim. Kelly supplied the swim suits and swim diapers--which was a HUGE help, and made our swim experience so much easier. Isn't Erin just about the cutest baby shark in the entire world?!?!?
 We also had swimmies on today, which was exceedingly helpful. And for the most part, we had the beach to ourselves!

 Gah! I love this little pixie ...

 These two play together quite well, although I will say, Aidan is a bit grabby with toys and Erin just hands over whatever it is that Aidan is belly-aching for ... 
 Brendan was pleased to just swim and swim and swim ...

 These floaties are almost as big as Erin!

 I still had to watch her like a hawk ... she just jumps in and before I knew it, she would flip over in the water and get a bunch up her little nose--which she didn't like one bit.
 She finally got the hang of the floaties and did better.
 Always cautious Aidan got quite brave with his floaties and actually went up to his WAIST deep in the water! Shock!

 We had a really nice time playing together. Erin was thrilled to see the "baby sishies" that were everywhere today!

 Aidan tried to catch some little fish, with no success-these minnows are QUICK!

We probably spent an hour or so in the lake, and then it was time for the playground!

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