Friday, December 13, 2019

A mis-adventurous Wednesday

Wednesday, December 11:  Today is Dylan's office Christmas party, so I am staying at their place with the kiddos while they celebrate with colleagues and friends. I picked Brendan up from school. He read me a "Peanuts" word book on the way home, laughing all the way. I love his sense of humor--it's just the sweetest thing.

When Dylan and Kelly left, we started with dinnertime. I had put fishsticks in the oven, Brendan got a cute video going on Kelly's computer, and the kids ate while they watched ... well, SOME of them ate--others, not so much. Aidan, who is said to "love" fishsticks, would not touch his with a 10-foot pole. SO, he ate popcorn, crackers, and a frosted cookie. I know. BAD "gamma Carol" ... but I didn't want him to be hungry! Erin made up for Aidan and ate FIVE fish-sticks, while Brendan ate SIX. Good job, guys!
 After we ate, we played upstairs for a little while, but then as I was counting heads, I noticed Aidan's was missing and found him on his rocking horse in the basement--where we all migrated and listened to music videos. Brendan played me his favorites from "Harry Potter" and then played some of Aidan and Erin's favorites too.
 Look at this little QP doll, Erin Lucia! Isn't she something else?!?!?
 Brendan was in total control of the remote (which is SERIOUS business, believe me!).

 Brendan was showing me some sounds on their piano in the office, and then Aidan played me some tunes too.

 The "mis-adventure" occurred while putting the littles to bed. All three of the kids sleep in the same room now because it just works better for them this way (I'm told). The bunk beds in their room are DOUBLE bunk beds, so they are nice and large with plenty of room for two tinies like Aidan and Erin. Brendan was out in the dining room setting up a game for he and I to play after I tucked in these two. BUT something unfortunate happened! I closed the bedroom door, heard it click, said prayers and was going through the routine when I turned to open the door. It would NOT open. No matter how hard I manipulated it, it would NOT open (see picture on bottom). It hasn't had a handle for quite awhile! Anyway, Brendan had eventually gone back to the basement and couldn't hear me shouting for him, because I was under the mistaken notion that the door could be opened from the OTHER side. Dear Erin, who cries out of sympathy for any and everyone, heard me trying to get Brendan's attention and assumed that I was upset. She began crying in earnest while in the meantime, Aidan was using the bed as a trampoline and cracking himself up!
 HOW DID I EVER GET MYSELF OUT OF THIS PREDICAMENT?!?!?! Well, thankfully (yes! thank you Lord) I had my phone in my back pocket (something I rarely ever do). So I called over to the office party and reached Dylan, told him about our plight, and he and Kelly returned home 15 minutes later to rescue us. In the meantime, though, Brendan came back upstairs and tried to open the door from HIS side. Dylan told me that once the door clicks, it will NOT open without a wrench. Brendan knew about this and told me he would try to find one--but he couldn't, and made a very valiant effort to rescue us. All the while, poor Erin was sobbing her little heart out in my arms and would not be consoled.
Hurray! Dylan and Kelly returned home, procured a wrench, and opened the door. We were FREED! Erin laughed, Aidan cracked up, Brendan breathed a sigh of relief, and all was well. Except ... what IF I had gone in that room early in the evening, with NO cell phone in my back pocket, and got locked inside the room with all three kiddos running around the house and no way to alert anyone? THAT would have been a nightmare, for sure.

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