Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Saturday with the girls

Saturday, December 21:  The girls are here today to celebrate an "early" Christmas--we are opening gifts this afternoon!!
 Matey was very welcomed by Kaity to join us in our festivities.
 Kaity and I talked for awhile about what she truly wanted for Christmas. It was so dear to hear her tell me that her Baby Lily only had ONE outfit (other than the one she came in) and that she REALLY needed some decent clothes to wear!
 I spent some time on Amazon looking for doll clothes for Baby Alive dolls and found the best deal! 12 outfits including two baby bottles, 3 diapers (the diapers didn't fit, however), a little plate with matching fork and spoon, a mirror with comb and brush, and a very sweet little umbrella! All for a grand total of $23! I wasn't sure what to expect--you never know when you order on-line--but I am very pleased with what came in the mail. Kaity was super thrilled! 
 And look at Baby Lily in her cute play outfit! I also picked out two L.O.L. items that Kaity liked as well, but these were "surprises" and I was worried she already might have them. Kaity is not difficult to please. Gifts are definitely her love language. 
 I got Emma exactly what she ordered, thankful that we were going to go boot hunting later in the weekend to pick out just the right size and style for her. The gifts she opened today were just small things that she saw on-line.

 Emma played the piano for awhile, and then she and Kaity played a few games while I cleaned up dinner.

 Kaity and I (and the babies + Paco) played my latest version of "Chutes and Ladders" ... I can't even remember who won.
 Matey got lots and lots of loving ...

 Emma completely wiped Kaity out in their foosball game (something that has never happened to Kaity) ...
It was a very nice afternoon--thank you, Lord. We took Kaity back to her house, and then Emma spent the night. We watched, "While You Were Sleeping," an old favorite of mine. I knew Emma would love it--and she did! 

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