Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Four hours of sweetness

Monday, December 2:  Aidan is two years and eight months and is STILL the cuddliest child I have ever met. He loves to hug and he is very good at it!
 Aidan also loves to draw. Monday, he drew a lighthouse for me, but I can't find it! If you didn't KNOW it was a lighthouse, you wouldn't know it was a lighthouse ... what I'm trying to say is that having finished his little scribble, he announced to me that it was a lighthouse. He asked me to draw a butterfly for him, as well as Matey-Bird. I didn't keep those drawings, because mine were pathetic.

 Aidan loves little Matey. He will walk over to his cage, giggle, and tell me: "Matey's SO cute, Gamma Carol." 
 We naturally built a layout for the trains. Each week it is a little bit different; but ALWAYS Cranky is included and Thomas too. Aidan is a very decent builder with the "fwacks" too. I love to watch him play.

 Sadly, Aidan doesn't eat very healthy when he is with me. I'm bombing out in that category. With his gluten-free diet, I'm just not very creative. He does, unequivocally, like ice cream.

 We played with our horses for awhile too. Aidan makes darling little horse sounds.

Another very sweet Monday afternoon. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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