Monday, December 30, 2019

Here, there, and everywhere

Saturday, December 28:  When Kaity was here today, Matey took flight and (since Kaity is SO unrelenting in her pursuit of him) went here, there, and everywhere! We took pictures of where he landed ...
 Matey chose high places, perhaps thinking that he could not be caught up there ...
 Now and then he would come low and Kaity would grab him ... happy as can be!
 Soon, though, Kaity figured ways to lure him down ...

 For about 30 minutes or so, Matey occupied himself on the top of my bookshelf, getting acquainted with all of the stuff up there.
 Doesn't he look so funny?
 "Take me to the lake, for goodness sake!" No way, Matey. You would be lost forever.
 Matey even perched himself on my menora for a little while ... a little Jewish budgie!

 Kaity took my camera and followed him about for a little while. Below is a picture she snapped of him in his cage ...
 And she took one of me too, while I was getting some things ready on my computer.
We had a lot of fun with Matey today. We also played a few matching games ... it is always good to be with you, Kaity. You are a dear and special person.

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