Tuesday, December 10, 2019

This cutie pie

Monday, December 9:  So for the very first time EVER, this little monkey didn't want to come over to my house today! I was CRUSHED (I'm joking). I woke him from his nap and brought him out to his main room where he saw his daddy, who usually is NOT home this time of day. Aidan decided he wanted to stay home with Dylan and NOT go with his Gamma Carol! What to do?!?!?!

We played in Aidan's front room for a few minutes until we heard baby Erin waking up from her nap. So Dylan said to Aidan that he was going to go and get Erin and he guessed Erin would go to my house today and not him! That was all this little guy needed to get off Dylan's lap, run to his boots, put them on and away we went. I have to say, I was rather pleased that Aidan would rather play with Dylan than me--it tells me that Dylan does a decent job of playing with his kiddos!
Aidan immediately played with my little FP nativity set, pressing the angel so that she would play "Away in a Manger" 150 times throughout the afternoon. 

 Aidan was also very fond of the Thomas Kincade ceramic tree I have that has FOUR trains on it that circle around and around ... he thought that was WAY cool

Throughout our afternoon today, I saw very TWO-ish behavior from this little guy ... I'd been noticing some of it a few weeks ago ... but that's OK, Aidan. You ARE two and so TWO is what you SHOULD act like. I'm good with it, honest! Sigh. 

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