Sunday, March 15, 2020

March 14a

Saturday:  Today was Aidan's #3 birthday party. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions upon all communities, the turnout was small. But this little cutie-pie was not phased whatsoever. He had himself one good time!
 Little Erin was full of JOY too!
 Brendan and Kaity played Mario Kart on Brendan's Ninendo Switch. Look! Brendan and Kaity are the same height!
 These littles watched the bigger kids playing their game ... 
 THIS is SO completely Aidan Paul (below)--isn't he an Obrien through and through?!?!?! I love this little laddie so much.
 And here he is holding Kaity's gift (a Mario Bros. special edition Matchbox car!) ...
 Aidan is not one to rip open packages indiscriminately ... he usually hands his presents off to someone else to open for him--which is a scream actually ... this gift and card Dylan is opening is from Aidan's godparents and family (super sweet people).

 Among other things, they got him this super soft cuddly plush toy which was really adorable.

 Maxwell the Monkey came out to play with all of us for awhile. He kept getting carried away with his tickle bugs and cracking everyone up.
 This is Maxwell photobombing my pictures.
 And Brendan showing me Aidan's race track that can curl up and the racecar fits inside and runs all over the place.
 Brendan wanted to take a few pictures of our newest puppet, so I handed off my camera to him.
 Nice job, Brendan!
 Here is Max hanging upside down ... like a ... monkey.
Aidan had yummy chocolate frosted moist birthday cake, but I missed out taking any pictures of him blowing out his candles and totally neglected to photograph the beautiful cake--it had a rainbow and puffy clouds and was super decorated. Happy #3 party, Aidan. You are so loved.

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