Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March 25 AM

Wednesday:  Day #3 of "Stay Home."  I received a special treat this morning. Kelly asked if I was available to FaceTime with them ... YOU BET I WAS!
 I got to see these beautiful faces for 15 solid minutes! It was so much fun. I miss these kiddos and their folks! I'm so thankful for this bit of technology.
 I even snatched Matey-Bird and everyone enjoyed his antics for a little while too. I am filled to the brim with JOY!
After our time together, I got my 11 library books to the car, got a check that needed depositing at the bank, and also a very short list of groceries to pick up at D & W.

The library was closed (naturally), but I thought I would be able to use the outdoor return chute--but it had a big sign that read: OUT OF ORDER! So I guess I'm keeping the library books for awhile longer.

I deposited the check using careful techniques not to touch anything in the drive-through, and picked up the necessary items at D & W (no toilet paper, but I did get 2 boxes of kleenex). Why D & W? Because their baked chicken is my favorite, so I got SIX baked chicken thighs! YUM.

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