Tuesday, March 10, 2020

March 7

March 7:  Dear Kaity came to play today. I love this little granddaughter so much. On our drive over to my house she posed this question to me:  "So when He comes down--will it be GOD or Jesus?" I asked her to clarify, because this question came completely out of the blue! "Do you mean when Jesus comes back for us?" I asked? "Yes, that's it, Grandma." So I told her, once again, that it will be Jesus Christ HIMSELF who comes in the clouds with a trumpet sound and will gather all who love Him to be with Him forever. "Do you mean we will get to see Jesus, Grandma?" my KT asked. "Yes, Kaity, we will!" I replied. "With our OWN eyes, Grandma--we will SEE Jesus?" she persisted. "Yes, dear child, with our very own eyes!" Oh to have the heart of a child! To be AWED by the prospect of seeing Jesus face to face! May it be SOON, Lord!

 Kaity and I continued our game of bean bag basketball today. She is so much fun as she plays this game. She loves to do anything physicial ... so we played for quite awhile.

We did our usual other things too, such as playing extensively with our Matey-Bird. We continued coloring our bird pictures too--the ones that we are going to hang on my windowed side door. We had a nice time together today and I was so thankful.

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